Support For Your Knees Is Important After An Injury

A knee brace is a great way to give it the support it needs after surgery or injury to the area. Most of the injuries that happen to a knee are not due to a sudden impact but are simple twists and turns that can pull or tear ligaments, tendons, and muscles by stretching the joint further than it should. These painful injuries can cause an individual to be unable to walk due to weakness in the injured area.

Tearing Of The Muscle And Tendons Or Pain

Any injury to the muscle or tendon around an individual’s knee is caused by overuse, hyperextension or hyperflexion and is called a strain. These are different grading of sprains including a first-degree that does not include tearing and a second-degree which is partial tearing and a third-degree which is a complete tear. Inflammation in the bursas is also known as bursitis and is usually caused because of chronic use or a direct blow to the knee.

ACL Injuries

This type of injury is very common in football and baseball players and usually happens when a player’s foot is planted and force is put against the knee such as a tackle. Swelling of the knee will happen instantly and will be combined with excruciating pain and the inability to walk. Diagnosing this type of injury can be difficult in an emergency room and requires more extensive testing such as an MRI to see the situation that’s going on inside of the knee area.

Meniscus Tears

This type of injury is common and can happen in combination with an ACL tear. Pain and swelling usually take several hours to develop but the chronic pain will develop over time along with intermittent swelling, pain, and uphill walking or climbing. A physical examination is required and an MRI may be necessary to confirm a diagnosis of the exact location of the tear.

If you live an active life or have suffered any type of injury to your knees, knee supports braces can reduce a future chance of damaging the area and also offer the support an injured knee might require.