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A Simple Guide To Offshore Fishing

Fueling your boat should be on top of your priority list when it comes to fishing. Make sure you have enough fuel first. You need to prepare for things that might happen ahead, so check your engine properly and bring some extra oil as well. Next thing you need to carefully check are the electronic devices on the boat, you need to be cautious because a lot of things can happen while at sea. A working GPS or VHF is very essential to your trip, so be sure to bring it with you. Life jackets are very important, make sure to bring these and all other safety materials at sea.

Next thing that needs to get checked it the tackle you will be using. Bring in a fishing rod with a Sabiki kind of setup or some cast net. It’s also a good idea if you could bring in two or three heavy rods. You will also never know when you will be needing some circle hooks so you can carry some with you. If you happen to have a boat has high walls, a gaff is the one for you. Make sure to have the enough amount of tackle you will need. You don’t want to run out of the good stuff you need.

This time you need a good bait. Usually for offshore fishing, they would choose a pinfish as a bait.

Now it’s time for you to locate a great fishing spot! Check out this page for more info! You can find the list of reefs here. Some of these places can have tons of people fishing as well but it’s still a great spot.

You need to go as close as possible to the underwater rock-pile structure so when you arrive at the wreck, use the sonar. Now set up your anchor to stay put in the spot.

This is the time where you now need to setup your rods and reels. Now its time to take care of your hooks, make sure to set it up as well using the bait, The most effective way to hook the live Pinfish is through its nose and cut its tail deep enough that it needs to bleed. Now you must carefully drop the line to make until it weighs down to the very bottom. Just sit and weight and you better be ready for a fight.

After you have enjoyed the trip or you have met your quota for the day, it’s time go home. Now the last thing you want is to get lost, so make sure you follow your GPS back where you came from. Now that’s offshore fishing done right. Bear in mind these tips for a great fishing experience!